Mobile Application Redesign Case Study

Product Background

Problem Overview

  • Re-design a simple, intuitive, and functional mobile UI.
  • Create a bug submission interface so users can report bugs within the mobile application.

The Solution

Understanding our users

1. Get to know the user

2. Motivations behind using openpilot

3. Analyzing user flow

4. Mobile Application

User’s Painpoints

“I would love to be able to submit bug reports within the mobile application”

“ I want to be able to download video footages right on my phone”

Design: Concepts & Sketching

Lo-Fi Wireframes

Final Design


  • Vehicle battery voltage
  • Fuel remaining
  • Device temperature reading
  • Recent trip summary

Driving Footages

  • Recorded footages display from starting location point A to destination point B.
  • Distance traveled.
  • Drive duration.

Video Player Interface

  • Allow users to download videos.
  • Report bugs within the application.
  • Driver cam and Map toggles sync with video footage.
  • Video timeline display when Openpilot is activated (Green)

Bug reporting interface

  • Allow users to trim video footage for submission
  • Information is prefilled on the template based on the video selected, but users can edit the input field if they see any error.

User Taskflows




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